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Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner 

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The strange and suspicious case of Tony Abbott’s citizenship →



Spread this like wildfire people, the mainstream media may not be talking about this but the legitimacy of Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership has come under question due to an investigation by an online blogger Tony Magrathea who has attempted to find a record of Tony Abbott renouncing his British citizenship and found no such record. You see if Tony Abbott still has dual citizenship, it means he was ineligible to stand for Parliament in the first place. Tony Abbott is refusing to produce documents proving that he has renounced his British citizenship and Tony Magrathea has now had his email account hacked and emails deleted. This is all alleged of course but Tony Abbott needs to prove that he does not in fact still have dual citizenship and was in fact eligable to stand for Parliament so I’d really appreciate if people could signal boost this so hopefully we can get answers. Tony Abbott has already done nothing but lie and break promises since becoming Prime Minister last year so it really does make you wonder if he is lying about this too..

So apparently he might still have a Dual Citizenship which means he is a British Citizen still and should not have been able to run at Federal Level, let alone become the PRIME MINISTER. The plot thickens.

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Black Male Excellence.

He’s Toph
He’s actually Toph

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